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Addicks Barker Reservoir Flood Claims (Hurricane Harvey)


If your home or business flooded after the Federal Government through the US Corp of Army Engineers released millions of gallons of water from the Barker Addicks reservoirs, you may be entitled to compensation. The affected areas include:

  • Dairy Ashford to Highway 6
  • Rummels Creek to Piney Point to Interstate 10
  • Briar Forest and the Beltway
  • And many other homes and business who were flooded

You Do Not Need Flood Insurance to Recover

Flood victims may be able to recover from the government by filing an inverse condemnation proceeding and therefore do not need flood insurance through FEMA or private insurance to recover compensation.

Inverse condemnation proceedings do not allege that the government committed any wrongdoing but rather that they flooded homes for a valid public reason. However, when the government does damage or takes land it is legally required to pay just compensation to the property owner under the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution. This is similar to when the government takes land to build a highway, just compensation must be paid.

If you have private or FEMA insurance this inverse condemnation proceeding can be an extra source of recovery and will not reduce what you receive through private insurance. If you do not have flood insurance, this could be your only option.

Damages Recoverable Under Inverse Condemnation

The flood damages caused by the Addicks and Barker reservoirs release could include compensation for:


  • Cost to replace or repair your home
  • All furniture and other articles in your house
  • Cars, lawn mowers and similar equipments


  • Cost to repair or replace your business
  • Loss of inventory and equipments
  • Loss from business interruption
  • Other losses as determined by our experts

File Your Claim Today

If you have lost your home or business when the Federal Government released water from the Barker Addicks reservoirs you can file your claim today. Please understand however that these inverse condemnation cases will take time to go through the court system and therefore you cannot count on any compensation from these claims in the short term.

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